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Meet the Founder

Saimah Arshad

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 “Be firm with your goals but flexible with your methods.”

This is the motto founder and CEO of Salaam Nutritionals, Ms. Saimah lives by as her company’s product line grows – reaching more families day by day.

She got her start in the halal multivitamin business in 2013 while researching alternative forms of gummy-based vitamins for kids. Because of her background as a residency trained pharmacist, other Muslim parents were constantly asking her which brands of vitamins their kids could take.

For years, gummy bears and vitamins had been made with [non-halal] gelatin. For decades there was no real push for manufactures to create products to meet the dietary needs of Muslim consumers until Salaam Nutritionals.

“Never take ‘no’ for answer,” she says, “and always look for alternate ways to create opportunity.” Since the company launched in 2015 the product line expanded from exclusively kids based vitamins to an adult line with the first ever halal gummy prenatal vitamin.

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Our Values

Our core values at Salaam Nutritionals is to be about family, authenticity, and be champions in reducing global malnutrition in children through our donations and partnerships with other grassroots organizations. We aim to be the leading certified Halal and Kosher based company that specializes and provides high quality dietary supplements.

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Our Promise

51.7 million children worldwide under the age of five were severely wasted due to malnutrition in 2016. These same children are at an increased risk of being stunted which can impair their cognitive ability, make them prone to infections, and cause physical and mental disabilities.  

While these numbers are devastating we want to be part of the solution to reduce childhood mortality worldwide. We know that providing these children with 3 basic needs: clean water, nutrition, and vitamins will give them the best chance at survival.

We can’t do this alone, so in order for us to make a powerful impact we partnered with other organizations that shared our same spirit and drive to help eradicate malnutrition and reduce mortality in young children.  

For every purchase made on our website we will be donating life saving vitamins to severely malnourished children starting in May 2019.

Every Ramadan, as we have in the past, we will continue to donate a meal to a child in need for every purchase made on our website to Share the Meal, an affiliate of the World Health Organization.

We will continue to support and sponsor our oldest partner, Zam Zam Water, throughout the year as projects arise. They build water wells, cultivate farms, and provide education to impoverished communities around the world.

When we come together, we have power. Partnering with our organizations who stand for social change means we can make a bigger impact than individual action. We’re proud to help make a difference and we could not have done it without your support.

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